"Winter-bread Houses"

Two of my grand kids weren't  here for Christmas because
their Dad had a conference schedule in our city a few weeks later
and they decided to tag along then.

We had lots of special activities to cram into the 
short amount of time they were here.

One night I had the three youngest grand kids for a sleep over
and we decided to build gingerbread winterbread houses.

Aunt Melissa picked up three gingerbread house kits after Christmas
for a steal.  I had been collecting winter themed candy for us to use.
We initially thought we'd go for a Frozen theme but as they were
decorating, they integrated more and more Christmas candies also.

I  pre-made the houses so they could just concentrate on decorating.

I know I'd lose the attention of some of them if it took too long.

I may be biased but I'm pretty sure we are closing in on being ready to
compete in Food Network Gingerbread House Competition in Asheville next year.  HA!

I do believe they ate as much candy while they were decorating as actually went on the house.


Nana and Poppy thought it would be a great idea if they took their houses home with
them so mom and dad could enjoy them too.

Being a grandparent definitely has it's benefits.

I love moments like this.  

After we were done with our houses we watched movies,  played kitchen/restaurant and
finally crashed on comforters in the grandkids room.  Instead of beds, they all
wanted to sleep on the floor together.  I remember doing that a time or two
when I was younger.

We may or may not of had some additional snacks.  

Auntie Carrie joined us for movie time.

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