What's on my nightstand...

I'm determined to get through more books this year.

Currently on my night stand are books I'm either re-reading
or am planning on getting to this month.


Radical  (4th time, it's just good for my soul)
The 5 Love Languages
The Hole in our Gospel
Made to Crave
Antelope in the Living Room (hilarious)

Reading for the first time:

In this House We Will Giggle 
(after reading this I'm sure I'll want a do-over in raising my kids)

Balancing It All

So far I'm loving both

I tend to have multiple books going in the same time period.

What are you currently reading?

1 comment:

  1. Our small group read Hole in our Gospel 3 years ago...life changing!!!!
    I have 5 love languages, been meaning to read ti!
    I want to read Candace Cameron's book and Antelope in the Living Room....loved Sparkly Green Earrings that she wrote!