funny things they say.....

I wasn't sure how to title this.
Grand kids sayings

I just know I want to remember things my kids, grand kids, nieces and nephews said
when they were young.

Instead of relying on my ever increasingly aging mind, I'm gonna post them just for me.

Brody:  Hey Nana, come take a picture of us so we can always remember we looked
at turtles together.


Brody:  Nana, I wish I could live with you in Florida.
Nana:  I wish you could too buddy.
Brody:  Mommy, can I live with Nana in Florida.
Mommy:  When you grow up you can if you want too.
Brody:  Nana, I will absolutely move in with you as soon as I grow up.
Nana:  I would love that Brody.

(Insert melting heart)

Somewhere I've have a list written down of some of the things Carrie and Taylor said
when they were young that struck me as funny.  As soon as I find them I'll have to
play catch up.

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