first dyi project of the "season"

Around here "my house specifically" the beginning of September
marks the start of the holiday "season" for me.
I put up my fall decorations trying to will the autumn weather in
here in sunny, hot Orlando.  
Our family is blessed with many birthdays, activities and celebrations
during this time of year and it goes so fast that I want to squeeze  
every minute I can out of it.


I decorate, craft, plan parties, family dinners and menu's, schedule trips,
organize anniversary vacation, go to grandkids games, exercise more,
spend  days or evenings at the parks (Epcot, Disney, Sea World),
begin my Christmas shopping.  Yeah, I said it.
Christmas shopping!!!

I've been spending the last few weeks visiting the blog world and pinterest to see
what new and different ideas are out there.  Fun!

I've made my first craft that I plan to use from now all the way through
the season.

my gray wreath

I love, love, love wreaths.  
I  use them in lots of different areas in our home.

This past January I made a Anthropologie knock off (because who can actually pay
$200.00 dollars for a wreath) white snowball wreath.
In honor of my grandmothers, both named Grace, I call it Grace's snowball wreath.
It reminds me of my grandmother's "snowball" bush (white hydrangea) that she had on her farm.

I love this one so much I keep it up year round.   I will decorate with a different
bow or add a few ornaments to it for a specific holiday or party.

I made a red and white one for our Happy Birthday America party using the same type
of yarn.  Instructions on how I make them are here.  I will say I'm not liking the multi-color 
as much as the solid so I may turn this into  "all red" for next year.

Since I have a small mercury glass collection that I like to display
and have recently added a silver mercury glass pumpkin to it,  I knew I wanted a gray
wreath for the autumn and Christmas season.  
 I used a different yarn on this wreath.  The previous ones were made of
thick single strand cobblestone yarn giving a more structured snowball effect in the 
individual pom poms.  For this wreath I wanted it more fluid but I still really like
the thicker yarns.  I found a perfect gray three strand wound yarn that would 
still have the thickness I wanted but less structured.

I love the way it turned out and can't wait to begin decorating.  Which I'm about to do now.

I really enjoy making these wreaths, albeit very time comsuming.

I'm even thinking about opening an Esty shop and possibly selling them.  
I'm still at the thinking stage though.

Okay, I'll be signing off now because there are summer decorations to put away because
autumn is calling my name.

See you soon.


Today I'm linking with Kara from Creations by Kara

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