Back to School Celebrations

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    One of the great blessings as a grandparent is having the time and energy to
    plan little celebrations for special occasions that I simply didn't have when my kids
    grew up.  One of my biggest regrets......
    I'm so impressed with Mom's now.

    "Back to School" is one of those reasons to have a little fun.

    Monster University 

    Last year my theme was Monster University 

    Back to School Monster University Party

    This was the year Dylan began Pre-K

    and since he's a Little Monster I thought having a monster university party
    on our "Nana Time" would be fun.  
    Idea came from Dixie Delights blog.
    She is one of my absolute favorites.  Go to the link and see the spectacular
    party she put on for her littles.

    To make our treat I just bought a box of rice crispy treats,
    molded it into a circle, dipped it in melting chocolate in the 
    colors we wanted and put the candy on the top.
    Easy and delicious.

    Dr. Suess

    ... think and wonder
    wonder and think...
                                              Dr. Suess

    This year I choose Dr. Suess.
     I thought that was a great theme for a
    little guy beginning Kindergarten.

    You have brains in your head
    You have feet in your shoes
    You can steer yourself in any direction you choose
                                                                   Dr. Suess

    All four of my grandbabies who will be beginning a new school year.
    We will have  Pre-K, Kindergarten, Second Grade and Senior Year students this year.  

    I already had all the tableware on hand.

    Our menu was simple and inexpensive.
    A homemade "ABC" pizza
    and bakery cupcakes with a few turquoise candy coated chocolates thrown on top

    Big sister stopped by to join in the the dinner celebration.  Thanks Tay.
    You made Dylan very happy.  We had a little swim to let some of our "energy" out.  

    then in our pj's for a "Dr. Suess" movie, of course
    after the movie it was story time with our new kindergarten books

    Breakfast was a quick ABC pancake breakfast.

    And of course we always end with a lazer gun war with Poppy.

    It's really a lot of fun planning our little celebrations.  My hope is to make
    some memories and for my grandkids to know they are loved and special to me.

    As you can see it doesn't take much to put these little parties together.

    Don't let a small budget stop you.  I had most everything on hand.

    Here's a breakdown.

    Red dessert plates:   I got on clearance at Walmart for 50 cents a while back.

    Red and white paper straws: I had on hand but were purchased on clearance at Target 
    a while back for less than a dollar.

     White melamine plates and aqua mason jars:   I already owned but were originally
    purchased from Target.

    Dr. Suess pictures and banner:  I purchased two folders at Target for $1.00 each and 
    cut to fit in frames I already had.  The banner was made out of a Dr. Suess flash
    card set that I purchased at Target Dollar spot for $1.00.

    Balloons I had on hand but you can usually buy a bag at Target for $1.50.

    (random thought but I think I might go to Target alot...)

    Chalkboard I had on hand but it was originally purchased at Michael's for $1.00.
    I just painted the wood red with paint I already had.

    I purchased the two books at Barnes and Nobles.  Both books totalled less than $7.00.

    Pizza dough, sauce, cheese and lemonade I already had on hand.
    Cupcakes and pepperoni were  $6.50.
    The  pancakes were actually pre-made frozen pancakes that I alway have and used
    abc/123 cookie cutters to make shapes.

    So as you can see I was able to put this little celebration together for less than 
    $20.00.  I call that a deal.  

    So what, you ask, do you do if your grandkids are older or don't live in your area
    (which is a very sad situation for a grandmother to find herself in ..... but I digress)
    I made up little back to school fun boxes and shipped to my Illinois grands
    and for my sweet Taylor who will be a senior, a back to school shopping trip was in order.

    It doesn't have to be extravagant to let them know how special they are to you.

    The more that you read,
    The more things you will know.

    The more that you learn,
    The more places you will go.

                      Dr. Suess

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