Summer's End (Part 1)

I've been pretty much non-existent on my blog this summer.  A lot going on and 
pretty much lazy.  I thought I would just do a overall catch up (in a few posts)
since I fully intend on embracing Fall on Monday.  And yes, I live in Orlando
where we will pretty much see summer temperatures well into October but
I'm gonna "will" the Autumn season in.  This August has been an oven down here.  

Not to mention the fact that Fall is my absolute favorite season, decor and food time of the year.

Without jumping the gun, let me wrap up our fun, lazy, hot summer season.

Happy Birthday America

We're a flag waving, pledge of allegiance saying, red/white/blue blood running
through our veins kind of family so of course we love Happy Birthday America parties.
We had our extended family Fourth of July celebration July 12th due to scheduling conflicts.

I hosted it so I got to be in charge of the decorations, paper products, desserts and drinks.
"my favorite"

you have to have the all american apple pie
especially for Mike and Pat 
I took the easy route and ordered Publix cup cakes
I showed them a "pinterest" picture and they did such a great job
love my Nora Flemming Uncle Sam hat 
blue m&m and white chocolate chip cookie bars

I put my snowball wreath to good use by adding stars (from Target)

Opps, I should of cleaned the glass.   Oh well. 

a special thanks to Uncle Pat for braving the heat and then rain all day providing and cooking all
the delicious meats.  That was one long, hot job and it was mouth watering smelling it all day. 
This picture is the only one showing how much food (in the background) it takes to feed our crowd.
Plus as an added bonus it has my mom and cutsie pregnant baby sister. 
My Melissa hired a Kona Ice truck to come with snowcones for everyone.  It was the hit
of the party.  They are absolutely delicious.  Thanks babe. 

we even had a few neighbors come over when they heard the snowcone truck
My brother Richard built a "red neck golf game".  It was alot of fun.  Now it's on my to
do list for my hubby. 

We had other games and fireworks planned but the late afternoon storms put a damper on that.

Some of the crowd managed to get some pool time in between the rain.

Besides family we had our friend, Ann, who came down to visit a  while this summer and
Buddy and Sophia along with their parents Pamela and Samuel, who recently moved
here from Australia.  Pamela's from here but it was her family's first 4th of July party.

Well that's a wrap for our family celebration.
I didn't get a lot of pictures (of the people in my family that is) because I was busy hosting
and having fun.  

Thanks for joining us.  I'll be back tomorrow with part 2.

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