Fourth of July Traditions

Today I'm joining Kelly for SUYL

Fourth of July Traditions

This year is a little different due to scheduling conflicts, we will be having our
large extended family "Happy Birthday America" party on July 12th.

Today we will grill out and probably go to our daughter's development
for their 4th of July fireworks.  This year they're having a bike parade, apple pie contest and 
lots of food vendors.  It's fun but very crowded.
I may decide to stay home.

When thinking about what our traditions are for this holiday I will say it
changes from year to year now that my kids are grown.

When they were young we would always go to our downtown
park for fireworks and patriotic music.  That's what I did growning up also.
Living in an area that the population has multiplied 10 fold since I grew up,
fighting the crowds for parking and space to even put your chair down has
taken some of the joy out of it.  Not to mention the fact that
 it rains at least a little every year we go.  ha
We still go every three or four years
just for the tradition of it.

Sometimes we go to Gulf Shores, some years Disney or Epcot,
some years we go to our daughter's and even on occasion we even stay in.  
There are plenty of people in our neighborhood that shoot off fireworks.

I will admit I'm envious of those who live in small communities and have a good old fashion
cookout or picnic, games and ending the day with fireworks.  Just their family and locals 
who come year after year.  

There is one tradition that we always do no matter how other plans and activities turn change.

Watermelon Ice-cream

I make it every year and only once a year so it will stay special.

It's made out of lime sherbert, vanilla ice-cream, raspberry sherbert and 
semi-sweet chocolate chips.  I originally got the directions from a Woman's Day
magazine about 25 years ago and I've been making it ever since.
I'll show step-by-step directions the next time I make it.
Easy to make but just takes time.
But it's well worth it.

 Since our big celebration will be next weekend and I haven't finished decorating yet
I'll just add in a little of our Red, White and Blue until then.

It's been so much fun seeing how others do this crazy life.

Happy Fourth

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