Summer's End, Part 3 Makenzie's birthday!

Makenzie turned 7 in July.  I know.  Crazy, right.

I didn't get to be there for the party this year.  :-(

Here are just a few pictures.

She had a Elsa Party at a movie theater where they showed the movie, Frozen 
and then they went to a party room for cake.  Even though I wasn't 
able to make it this year I made a birthday banner for her to enjoy at her party.


Makenzie at 7 is .....

a talented dancer
a fashionista
bow wearer
loves books about horses
an "American Girl" girl
an artist
plays soccer
plays baseball (that's right baseball, not softball)
a great big sister
loves to be busy every day
lots of friends
good girl for mom and dad
sweet granddaughter
likes the color purple
loves her new teacher
favorite store is Justice
loves to wear tutus
likes to bake cupcakes

I'm so proud of you Makenzie Belle
Happy 7th Birthday

She also had been doing a lot of dance competitions this year and does really well
in solos, duets and team competitions.

Their last competition this summer was in Chicago.

They did such an awesome job and afterwards were rewarded with fun activities.

They got to ride their first big city train.

They went to American Girl Chicago

Now she's been to St. Louis American Girl and Chicago.  And happy news everyone.
They are opening American Girl Orlando very soon.
She got the doll of the year, Isabelle.

They had a very special luncheon there.

Then shopping at a super big mall.  Fun.  
Not to mention staying in a big hotel, swimming in their pool and 
 having dessert at Cheesecake Factory.  What a special trip
that these girls will remember forever.
Kelly does such a great job doing fun things when they go to competitions.


While I'm on the subject of Makenzie and Kelly, I'd be remiss
if I didn't add in what a fun vacation their little family went on this summer.

Dominican Republic

At the airport in St. Louis they have a mock airport playground inside the terminal.

Matt's parents are so sweet to treat their kids and grandkids on a summer vacation each year.

They've been to Jamaica, Mexico and now the Dominican Republic.
What a special gift of becoming international travelers at such a young age.

Well, that about wraps up the summer.  Now that school is in full swing and fall is just
around the corner we are entering the season of family get-togethers, fun crafts, soccer,
football, yummy food and cooler weather (hopefully) I'll be seeing you soon.

Thanks for joining.

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