Summer's End (Part 2)

Continuing with the highlights of the summer.

This was the summer (2014)  that Dylan learned how to swim....

and perfected his dive.   ;-)

Our friend Ann came to spend some time with us in July and we tried to show her
the real Central Florida.
We spent a day at the Winter Park Farmer's Market and did a little
shopping on Park Avenue.

The flowers at the market were beautiful.

not sure what Mike is doing here......

my sister Kim, and my niece Brittany joined us for a little
Lilly shopping....
or should I say we all joined Brittany.

Uncle Mike did a great job carrying Brittany's bags for the day.

We discovered a new lunch place in Winter Park.
It is delicious.  I will warn you though, it's loud and small but I will
definitely go again.  As the name suggests, it serves all types of toasted sandwiches.

We also took Ann to Orlando's most traditional landmark, besides Disney.
Lake Eola, which is right smack dab in the middle of town.
They also have a farmer's market on Sunday mornings.

We did some Mall shopping and a trip to Epcot but I don't have pictures of that.


I  participated in a Christmas in July homemade ornament swap.
This is what I came up with.
Now that I'm looking at it, it really seems more 4th of July than Christmas in July.
I'll do a future post on the ones I received.

One of my favorite purchases this summer were my "southern quote" plates
that I got at Cracker Barrel.  Sooooo cute!!!!!
I say these all the time.

I got to go on a little back to school shopping trip with Tay.
She picks such cute and cool things.

I also got to de-clutter/re-organize her room with her before the school year 
(her senior year) began.
I think it's super sweet that she still has her bow box and she still wears them.

and finally, Mike has found a way to "walk" his pets to and from the night-time pens.

Thanks for joining me.
I'll be back soon for the final installment.
"Makenzie's birthday"

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