Why do I blog?

I really don't know why I haven't been keeping up with my blog.  No real excuse.  No creative ideas?  Nothing exciting happening?  My posts are dull in comparison to others?   What I have to say isn't important?   Lazy?  Busy?  All of the above?  None of the above? 

 I had to remind myself of the reason I began blogging.  

1.  To document my family's life since I really procrastinate  fail at scrap booking.

2.  To advocate for the needs of widows and orphans.


Then I reminded myself the reason I really enjoy blogging.

During my time blogging I grew to love the sharing of ideas and the way people live
their lives is so many different ways and places.  I've been surprised at all the diffent types of blogs
that I find interesting.

Creative Art
DYI Projects
Home Decorating
Life Style


There are so many great bloggers out there.  They keep you mesmerized as their
beautiful words flow about the love of their particular interests and they way they live their life.
Or their gift in the way they see the world through the lense of the camera or what they create and how
that gift brings beauty to others.  And then there's the blog "friends" you make who are there
to support you, cheer you on, pray for you and share their lives with you.
  Maybe if you've never blogged you wouldn't understand.  I
know most of my non-blog friends and family think it's a bit strange.  Ha
I've met some truely beautiful, inspiring, funny, talented and creative "friends"
and I feel blessed by their friendships.

Maybe I stopped blogging because I began to feel my blog didn't match up
with the talent of the other blogs I so enjoy.  My words weren't as interesting, insightful or funny.
My ideas weren't as creative.  My decorating, crafting and parties didn't have the wow factor.
I began to compare myself.  Why was I comparing myself the the others?

When I'm old (hopefully) and gone and my family decides to go back over the years
to remember me and all the fun, silly things we did, are they going to care if my
pictures were the best or my words the most creative?  Are they going to care if my
parties aren't all that fancy?  Are they going to think my decorating skills or
clothes choices were the best?  Of course not.  They are going to look
at the smiles on our faces.  Remember traditions and hopefully think to themselves
that I loved them well.

If I can inspire one person to be lead to help with widows and orphans, then that part
of my blogging will be worth it.

So that's why I blog and why I will get back to it.

Thank you to all my blogging friends who inspire me.
I feel blessed to "know" you.

And because I can't post without a picture and in
honor of all the imperfect things happening here,
I present a few of my easter cookies.

They may not be perfect but my oldest grandson
who doesn't really likes sweets that much (except candy of course)
loves them and that makes this Nana very happy.

Thanks for visiting.

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