Catching up......AGAIN! Part 1

Since I've decided to re-establish a relationship with my blog my first order
of business is to catch up with what's been happening since January 2014.

I'll make this picture heavy/word short.


In the middle of January I made a trip to Vandalia to watch the
kids while Kelly and Matt went to Puerto Rico for a conference.

I unfortunately didn't bring my camera so the only shots I got were bad
phone shots but I'm putting a few in anyway.

The day before Kelly left the three of us had pedicures.  

Brody and I baked, played trains and did lots of teeth brushing while Makenzie was in school.

Brody and his best buddy Caleb can usually be found together playing 
ninja turtles or trains.

 We visited the toy section of Walmart and ate out several times.

I was able to see alot of  Makenzie's dress rehersals for an upcoming show.

She is becoming such an unbelieveably beautiful and talented dancer.   I can't believe
I didn't have my camera with me.  

I miss these two so much and treasure every precious minute we're able to spend together


Ryan turned 33.

love this boy


National Cheerleading Championship

February began with the National High School Cheerleading Championship
at ESPN Disney Wild World of Sports.
Taylor's high school team won several of the state competitions so they were
invited to participate.

Taylor and her Mom who was more excited than Taylor I believe.

I always enjoy being able to participate in the kids activities.
So grateful we all live in the area where the National Competition is held.

All the girls were ready and couldn't wait to begin.

And as you can probably tell from the smile,
their team took first place in their division at the Nationals.

2014 National High School Cheerleading Champions

I'm so proud of you Taylor and feel incredibly blessed to call you mine.

Love you baby girl


Valentines Day

around the house

what can I say
I like hearts and pink


Dylan's Valentine Sleepover

and Valentine's Day breakfast for my sweetheart

I made healthy baked donuts (minus the candy) in the Wilton
donut shaped mini donut pan.  Fun and delicious.


Dinner Club

My brother, sister and their spouses as well as Mike and I have Disney annual passes.

We thought it would be fun to pick different restaurants to try once a month.

We began with Epcot doing a different country each time.

I didn't think to bring a camera but I've promised myself to do better.

So far we've been to Italy (Via Napoli), Great Britian (Rose and Crown Pub) 
 and Japan (Teppan Edo).

Just a few camera photo's with very bad lighting but you get the idea.

Rose and Crown Pub

my sister Kim and Mike

my brother Rick and his wife Marlene

me and my brother-in-law, Pat

The fireworks at Epcot right outside the window

The food was delicious but my brother-in-law and I really wanted Cottage Pie.
We had been talking about it for months.  It was on the menu on line and
we were ready to order.  We were really disapointed when they told
us they only carry it on their lunch menu now.  
We got a lamb stew and it was really good so we recovered.
He and I will be going back for lunch in the future.


My brother and his wife staging the poise that Cinderella and Prince Charming 
are doing behind them at Epcot.


Teppan Edo in Japan at Epcot

I only have postive reviews here.  The wait was short with reservations.
The presentation was delightful and the food was delicious.
What more could you ask for.  I really recommend this place.

Sadly we got no pictures from Via Napoli in Italy but it has been
my favorite so from our dinner club outings.
The food was amazing but the service was so outstanding that
I still think about it.  The were attentive and very funny.
It's a must go to when you are at Epcot.


St. Augustine Trip

Mike and I joined Kim and Pat for a couple of days in St. Augustine during their
long weekend camping trip there.  Mike and I stayed in a hotel though.  Pretty much
my preferred way to camp.  ha

It doesn't take much convincing for us to take a trip to one of our favortie cities.

First stop of the day is the Fort of course.
February is a great time to hit St.  Augustine.  
It can tend to be pretty darn hot there but we hit a very sunny
and cool cold day.  So cold in fact that I got a chance to wear my coat, 
which rarely happens in Florida.

Here's a few pictures from our weekend.

 Inside the prison

Fort rooftop view

Next we headed for lunch at the Columbia.  Our favorite restaurant in St. Augustine.
We actually had our wedding dinner there.

My beautiful sister Kim and her handsome husband Pat.
They are such fun travel companions.

AUNT KIM!!!!!    UNCLE MIKE!!!!!!
that's what they call each other
these two are so funny together

The fountain of youth

You can usually see Mike and Pat waiting....
Kim shopping.....
and me running around snapping pictures
(insert smile)

Of course we had to make a trip to he famous candy store
Savannah Sweets
can you say pralines
they make the best in the world

After the "sweets" stop, we called it a day and met Kim and Pat at their camp ground.
They have the cutest RV.
Pat grilled the most delicious chicken and salmon.
Alot of our adventures seem to revolve around food.  Ha
Great food, fun times, good talks.
Thanks guys.

On Sunday we decided to take a walking tour of old St. Augustine
to see all the beautiful architecture and maybe a little more shopping.

Flagler College

The Museum

Mike and I are celebrating our 20th anniversay this year and
we actually eloped and were married in a wedding chapel in St. Augustine.
It's no longer in business.  For all we knew it had been knocked down.
We were on King Street by the college and Museum and
I remembered that the house was close but not exactly sure where.
I took a guess and we stumbled right on it.
It use to be called the Amore Wedding Chapel.

It's an historic house, The  Xavier Lopez House.

What a sweet walk down memory lane on our 20th anniversay year.

Oh well, continuing our tour.....

St. Augustine has some of the most beautiful churches that I've ever seen.

And of course you have to make your way to the Old School House.
The first school house in America.

We did a little shopping after our walking tour and decided to 
try The Prince of Wales for lunch before Mike and I left
to make our way home.

It was a British Pub.  Very good Cottage Pie and Fish and Chips.

Well that's a quick view of our trip.  I'll post more in the future that will 
give more details about the area.  It makes a great weekend trip.

Thank you Kim an Pat for inviting us to come along.

I'll bring Catch up Part 1 to an end.

See you soon!

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