National Dance Week and why that matters to me.

It's National Dance Week

I've never been a dancer although I always wanted to take ballet when I was young
(and maybe even now a little).
I'm not a fan of Dance Moms but I know plenty of you are.
Just not my cup of tea.

I've only seen Dancing With The Stars a few times and I really enjoyed it.
Just can't seem to fit it into a weekly schedule.

I do love a great ballet or Broadway Musical.

Let's just say I'm not your typical dance enthusiast.

I have a very special reason for wanting to celebrate NDW.

I have a precious, sweet granddaughter who is was incredibly shy.
And that may be an understatement.

My daughter Kelly decided when Makenzie was 4 that she would teach a dance class at their
local YMCA so she could share an activity with her daughter that she had enjoyed
when she was growing up.  Makenzie has a natural talent for dance and took
to it right away.

However when it came time to perform in front of people....
well let's just let the picture below speak for itself.

After a few classes at the YMCA, Kelly decided to open a dance studio in their
small town.  It's been just under two years and has become quite the success.

Vandalia Performing Arts Center

Her studio offers many different kinds of dance classes from Mommy and Me through highschool.

ballet, cheerleading, jazz, lyrical and more
after school care, birthday parties
theme parties

They have competition teams, they perform in the city's parades, high school basketball games, 
local senior centers as well as competitions in St. Louis and other areas.
They have also learned to be part of their community by participating in local fund raisers for  
important causes as well as helping to fund their own expenses, such as costumes.

It's been a great place where young girls enhance not only with their
dancing abilities but also with life skills.

This is especially evident with my sweet Makenzie.

In two years she has gone from a very shy little girl just learning beginning moves
to a self confident and talented dancer.
She has made many friends and learned to be supportive of them, 
learned to push through her fears and perform anyway 
and works very hard to learn new skills until she masters them.

I am so proud of her.

Can you tell....

Kelly and Makenzie 

What's not to love about dance.
Fun hair styles, really cute costumes.
Special time with Mommy.
Lots of friends.  

aren't bake sales the best

It seems she been blessed with a natural ability
and has won many competitions.

However, that's not what's really important... is it.

It's seeing her overcome her fears and anxiety to blossom into a really
sweet, friendly, outgoing little girl. 

and you can't put a price on that face

I'd also like to point out that in order for this to happen it took
a very dedicated Mommy to take her time, money and energy to
give this opportunity to Makenzie and many other little and big girls.

I'm really proud of you Kelly.

.....and that's why I take the time to celebrate National Dance Week.

Have a blessed day.


being grateful in all things

959.  a safe flight for Melissa
960.  a visit between sisters, no matter how brief
961.  adults who take the time to invest in children
962.  two Dylan nights this week
963.  a new book to read

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