Catching up..... Part 2

Catching up.... Part 2


Janet is one of my dearest, best friends who lives in Mobile, Alabama.
I try to make it there once (sometimes twice if I'm lucky) a year.
We usually go in the winter because it HOT in Mobile most other times of the year.
We made a pit stop in Tallahassee (mid way point) for some starbucks
and right next door was a Trader Joe's.  Pretty much my favorite
grocery store of which we have none in Orlando.
Everytime we go through or to Atlanta, I always have to make a stop to 
stock up.

BREAKING NEWS:  I am really excited to report that we will have not one, but two Trader Joe's
opening in our area soon.  I may just be counting the days until the opening  
(which for some reason Mike seems to think I'm slightly obsessed about).  


When ever we go to Mobile we always make a trip across the bay to Fairhope.
A very quaint little town with cute shops, restaurants and houses.
Our first stop is alway Sandra's Place.

The sweetest little sandwich shop that serves delicious entrees
and they actually serenade you with old southern classics if you're lucky.

Then off for a quick window shopping trip
and I'll report that not one of us bought a thing
which is very unusual for Mike and Janet.
(insert smile)

Are there any Downton Abbey watchers out there.  Only everyone.
I am such a fan of Carson and my sweet man surprised me this t-shirt.

New Orleans

The day before we left for home we decided to make a day trip
to New Orleans for a little innocent Mardi Gras fun.  It was a beautiful cool
and sunny day.  When we go to Mobile in the winter we usually are there
around the Mardi Gras festivities and most years we go to a parade in Mobile.
Did you know that Mardi Gras originated in Mobile.  They have numerous large
parades and festivities.  It's a little more family friendly I would say but occasionally
we bit the bullet and go to New Orleans.  We decided to go on a day trip because:

1.  we would be out of there before all the craziness the night time brings
2.   did I mention we would be out of there before all the craziness the night time brings

That generally means your not going to be able to see the big floats or have beads thrown
at you but we've done that before.  We knew there was a walking parade of some kind that afternoon
and that was fine with us.  (insert:  I must be getting old)

We we arrived in town we began to smell all the amazing foods 
you find in New Orleans so we decided lunch would be the first thing on our agenda.

If your in the mood for a poor boy (po'boy),
the go to place is Deanie's Seafood.
The food is delicious and the atmosphere is beautiful.

Mike got fried oyster

I got fried shrimp

the Mardi Gras trees around town are so beautiful 

oh and by the way Janet, I love it that we both had really "pink" tennis shoes on

 love the Mardi Gras portrait for the 2014 year
I though it was beautifully done
I'm not a real souvenir t-shirt kind of girl
but I did buy the poster version to frame and put up in my 
creative art/craft/sewing/photography office 
that I will be making this year

the Mardi Gras design was done by a famous Italian artist, Andrea Mistretta

I'll leave you with a few pictures from our visit.
I'll be doing a longer post with a new series I'm beginning
on long weekend getaways in the near future.

Mike with the guard of the pralines.

Janet and her brother, Daniel.  
It's really great to visit a city with loved ones who
know the area well and know just the right stores, attractions and restaurants.
Thanks guys.

The New Orleans Cathedral

We happened upon a group of street preformers
who did an amazing job.  They were talented, funny and 
spoke a message of drug free living.
One of my favorite memories on this trip.

They choose participants from the audience to take part in the show which made it all
the funnier.  

The Walking Parade

I can't remember the name of it but I know it had to do with a wine club in the area.

Several of the "ladies" made sure Mike had beads and even flowers.  He quite enjoyed himself.

We walked through the street art shows at the waterfront.
New Orleans has its fair share of very talented artists.

Cafe Du Monde 

When ever you visit New Orleans, you are definitely in for a treat when you visit
the famous Cafe Du Monde, famous for their beignets and coffee.
This was our last stop before heading back to Mobile.

Be prepared, the lines are always long whether you dine in or choose take-out.
But it is well worth the time, money and calories.

Someone was kind enough to catch me in mid-bite.

With the sun was setting so we headed out of town.  We made it just in time
because they were beginning to close of the roads for the parades.

It was such a fun adventure for the day and a great way to close out our 
quick visit to see Janet in Mobile.  Back to Orlando.

Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday rolled around a few days after our return and being in the Mardi Gras mood
I decided to make a King Cake.  
(I left out the tradition of the baby inside because, well I didn't want anyone
to choke and I don't really understand what that symbolizes)
It was yummy and  almost as cute as any I'd seen in the store.
Plus home made generally means little to no preservatives.


Since I don't have Mardi Gras decor.....yet
I took a couple of strands of beads and an ornament I bought at Walmart in Mobile
(99 cents) and decorated my with wreath with them.
I checked and they don't carry them in Orlando so it may be a local thing.
I bought the last two they had (being so late in Mardi Gras season).
I'll have to remember for next year.   Janet...............

And I made a shrimp and chicken jambalaya for our dinner that night.
One of Mike's favorties.

Sea World

My little sister and I (plus our husbands) bought Sea World annual passes when they had a
special in January of BOGO for 99.00.  You can't beat that price.  
That's usually one visit for one person!
They run that special a few times a year so for those of you who enjoy Sea World, you need
to wait for one of their sales and get them.  In the late winter and early spring they have
concerts and barbecue.  We saw Scotty Mccreery who is so young and talented.

I've only been one other time this year and it rained out as soon as we got there but we
plan lots of visits in the future, hopefully with some grandkids in tow.


St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day came and went this year in a flash.
We had so many things going on this month like pruging our entire house.
I did decorate a little but I never got around to taking pictures.

Dylan's St. Patrick's Day breakfast on his weekly sleepover.

Did you see the 50th Anniversay box of Lucky Charms this year?
I think I'll frame the front of the box to put out every year as a decoration.

We had brisket and lime gingerale for our St. Patrick's Day dinner.
Take out no less but this is just one of those years.

Damien and Michelle's Reception

My baby sister Michelle and her new husband Damien were married in Barbados in January.
She and her hubby hosted our family and a few friends to a little celebration in honor of their
marriage since we weren't there for the wedding.

We are so  happy for them and blessed to have a new brother in our family.

Michelle and Damien's friends

We have a very large family and we are so blessed as 
we continue to grow through marriage, through friends who become family
and even new babies......
to be continued.

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