Happy Birthday Boyscout

Today is my hubby's (aka: boyscout) birthday.  I had all kinds of plans for him today.  Lunch, movie,
a walk through Lake Eola (a landmark park in our city's history) and home for dessert.  But instead,
mypoor boyscout is very sick with about the worst cold/sinus infection/chills/yuckiness ever.  So I'm
just trying to keep him comfortable while still trying to stay as far away as possible.  I'm just saying...
I do have my GNO crafty sleepover this Friday.

So it's Panera bagels, lots of medicine, ginger ale,  tomato/roasted pepper soup, a movie at home and pumpkin pie for dessert.   Good thing the Avengers came out on DVD today.

                                   A few pictures from our little family celebration on Saturday

And since I won't be taking any pictures today;
instead I'll put in one from last year on our tour 
of the northeast for his birthday at Thomas Jefferson's home.
Well, actually his grape vineyard.

Happy Birthday babe.

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