I've begun the annual placing of the pumpkins around the house.  Truth be told I'd probably keep
them up year round if I thought I could get away with it.  But on September 1st, the Great Pumpkin.....  Oh wait, that's a different story.  Anyhow, I've begun my pumpkin quest.  Every year I try to find a new one to join my "pumpkin" family.    Maybe this year I'll try to be creative a make one.  I'm really like the white ones that are so popular now.

The first thing I had to do was make pumpkin bread.  It's not fall until the pumpkin recipes
come out.  I'm am totally in love with my Nora Fleming platter.  I've admired it for 
quite a long time on Paige's blog (Simple Thoughts)  and I finally got one.  
The pumpkin decoration in the corner is interchangeable.  
I also have the turkey for Thanksgiving.  My sweet hubby ordered the 
storage case and a few more decorations to go in it for our upcoming anniversary but he's
doing a good job of keeping it hidden until then.  

And of course the candy corn flavored m & ms.   They're delicious but
very sweet so you can actually eat one or two at a time and stop.  
Aren't they cute. 

We've got our wreaths out.  I've seen such cute ones out there in blog world
but I kind of like the simple leaves.  I'm thinking about putting an initial in the center though.  

We were hoping that putting out the fall flag would bring on the cooler weather.
No such luck!!  I'm really jealous happy for all of you who
are blessed with weather in the 60s and 70s.  

my new center piece
lantern from Kohls (50% off)
owl from Kohls (50% off)
two small beaded garland strands  from Michaels (50% off)

I'm just realizing there's finger prints all over glass. 

and apparently I need to dust

My family tree that I finally printed the pictures for.  I've had it for one year already.
It's from Hallmark  and I really love it.  I might change the pictures 
out for black and whites.    Maybe next year.  

If you sign up for the Gold Crown card you'll get a 40% off  coupon on your birth month
 which makes the tree reasonable if you're a tree person, which I totally am.

Love my big resin pumpkins above and below.  We got them several years ago
at Big Lots.  Sadly they haven't had them since then.   If you turn it  around it's
a jack-o-laterns.  Great for Halloween.

Our golden wooden leaf was from our trip to Vermont when we visited a 
maple tree farm.  That was such a great memory.

I try to have at least a small pumpkin or two in every room.

This was my one "new" pumpkin from last year.  The velvet pumpkin with
the real stem.  

Of course my favorite little pumpkins come from "Our lil' pumpkin patch"
All our grandbabies in their pumpkin costumes when they were babies.

one of my favorite spaces
 where we watch our holiday specials and Disney movies and 
where we read our books and cuddle
with the grandkids

Lots of fun things happening this week.

we celebrated Mike's birthday on saturday

my nephew had a house warming party for his first house on sunday

having my GNO girls over for a crafting sleepover on this friday

spending the week getting ready with fun creative ideas
and yummy recipes 

I'm working on a project 
that I have in mind for November.

My blessing tree.  

I finished the tree.  It's made of felt.
I will be making leaves to pin on every day of the month and as we
 pin on the leave, we will write down a blessing, place in a jar and 
read it on Thanksgiving.

I'm pretty happy with how it is turning out so far.

It's 36" x 36"

and speaking of blessings, hopefully this time
next month our sweet little nephew will be home with his forever family

Meet Eli

we love him so much already

Eli and his mommy, our niece Jessica.

Remembering to be grateful in all things:

814.  Eli
815.  Jessica and Nick's heart for adoption
816.  counting our blessings
817.  pumpkin bread
818.  a young nephew starting out in his own place
819.  pumpkins in the stores
820.  family get-togethers
821.  birthday celebrations
822.  autumn
823.  re-reading 1000 gifts

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  1. Love your autumn decor! I have a thing for pumpkins too. Actually, I adore just about anything related to this season.

    P.S. I am now a follower of your lovely blog and I am a newbie to Pinterest but I'm following you there too.

    Feel free to visit me any time at http://www.findingtheinspiring.blogspot.com