As summer is winding down we got in one more trip.  This time Gail and I took the grandsons to
Legoland.  I'll have to admit, I can think of lots of fun granddaughter things to do but grandson
can be a little more, shall we say challenging.  For me anyway.  I think Gail (SIL) is just fine with
the boy trips because she's an amazing camper, hiker, kayaker, runner and biker.  Me, not so much.

Well, let me tell you I was totally wrong.  The boys were great (minus a little bit of crankiness in
extreme heat from someone who will remain nameless) but as soon as we hit the water park, fun was
had by all.  Legoland is absolutely spectacular.  It's definitely geared towards young children up to
about age 12 but if you're a lego enthusiast of any age, you'll love it.   Especially the different cities
built out of legos.  They have movies, rides, exhibits, shows and the best water park for young
children ever.  And I live in the world of Disney Parks, Sea World and Wet and Wild so that's saying

                        Just a warning.  This post may have lots of pictures of cute little guys.

enjoying the rides

their favorite lego was the wolf

there was a hugh playground with rope bridges and slides

what more would little boys want

lego car driving

This car is entirely made of legos.   And it's solid.

Instagram Style

Cousin buddies

Dylan and Darth

Coltie bought Dylan a hugh gummy frog.  Yummy Gummy!

Cities in Legoland

Kennedy Space Center (Titusville)

Miami Beach

Las Vegas

New York City

Washington D.C.

San Franciso


and of course pirate ships

their favorite

We had a really great time with our little guys.  Especially the water park.
We spend 4 hours at the water park and only left so we could see more of the Lego park.
We were at Legoland the entire day and didn't see everything.  
You can probably spend a day in each park.
It's pretty hot in the summer time in Florida but with the water park
and movies in cold auditoriums with wind and water special effects,
it's totally doable.

I had a great time with Gail and the boys.
I'm sorry I didn't get more pictures of Caleb.  When we did rides,
I took the little guys and Gail took Caleb (for the big boy rides)
so she got pictures with her camera.
At the water park, I put my camera in a locker.  Bummer!

Thanks Aunt GiGi (Gail) for treating us to such a special day.

I can't wait till Brody is here to join us on a "boys day".

Who knows.   We may brave a camping trip with the boys sometime.
Especially with our expert GiGi.

Remembering to be grateful in all things:

792.  trips with grandmas and grandsons
793.  water parks in the Florida heat
794.  ice-pops
795.  lego masters who build amazing lego cities
796.  the beautiful bright orange sunset I could see from my bedroom
797.  gno last night
798.  medicine for itch relief
799.  facebook prayers for a young mother who baby would have been one today
800.  great online Christmas deals (yes, I'm starting already)
801.  political wisdom
802.  my online bookclub
803.  a great start for Makenzie in kindergarten
804.  officially having a new nephen

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