Summer Fun (Part 2)

                                                                         Gulf Shores

We had the opportunity to go to Gulf Shores for a week to help celebrate Madison's Sweet 16.  Madison is my best friend Janet's daughter.  We had such a great time celebrating, visiting, swimming, shopping and eating.  Such a great time in fact, I hardly took my camera out.  I did get a few shots
of Taylor and Madison on the beach and some sparkler fun on the Fourth.  Thank you Mack and
Janet for hosting us.  That was so generous and we had such a wonderful time.

                         The girls agreed to let me practice my "dusk" photography on them

                                                           friends since they were two

Pictures with Poppy

they were tired of my "practice photography" so they got in a few silly ones.

sparklers on the deck

the best part of the trip was getting precious time with our first grandchild
which included 16 total hours of windshield time
(not sure that was her favorite part)
we love you Tay

Madison and little bro, MacGregor

new friend Ann
love her

my bff Janet
love her

 wouldn't be 4th of July without watermelon ice-cream

our view from the 25th floor

from one side you see the ocean and on the other was the inlet

the houses were beautiful

the view from the living room

Happy Birthday Sweet 16.

Remembering to be grateful in all things:

752.  best friends
753.  a shopping trip for Muri
754.   watermelon ice-cream once a year
755.  left over XL sparklers from Kelly's wedding that still work
756.  God's beautiful ocean
757.  trips with grandkids
758.  new friends
759.  husbands who spell well
760.  the beautiful butterflies at the nursery today
761.  humble athletes 

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