Back from a blog break.....

 We'll I'm back from my "not on purpose" blog break.  I don't know where the time is going.  What is this?  I retire and I feel like I'm busier (or maybe it's lazier) than ever before.  I just can't seem to find enough time.  I'VE GOT TO GET MYSELF ORGANIZED.

Suggestions anyone......

I have been gone quite a bit this summer and will be going on another fun trip soon.

In the meantime I'm gonna try to get it together......  organize, create, visit, practice photography, exercise and swim, spend more time with my kids and grandkid, cook, read and blog.

                        Today I'm remembering to be greatful for:

                                         713.  a week at the beach with my best friend
                 thank you Mack for planning it and inviting and hosting Taylor, Mike and I
                                                       we had a great time.

                                                714.  being part of Madison's sweet 16

                  715.  the girls allowing me to practice taking pictures of them at the beach


                                               716.  meeting a new special friend, Ann


                                           717.  Ann's speedy recovering from surgery

                        718.  lots of special time taking care of my sick husband this week and 
                                                       him feeling much better today 

                            719.  Spending a few days with Dylan and Taylor so their parents
                                                             could go away to relax 

                                           720.  air-conditioning in my car and home
                                                       we are blessed and greatful

                                                721.  Mike's homemade lemonade

                                722.  getting ready for a road trip with my daughter, my niece,
                                         my four great-nieces and my sister-in-love.... in one car

                             723.      seeing Denise again and so greatful she's offered our large
                                      group stay at her house as it's the halfway point on our road trip
                                                             thank you Art and Denise

                                            724.  kids playing in sprinklers in the summer

                                              725.  the way Brody plays in the sprinkler  :-)

Have a blessed day!

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