My little cookie monster turns two

I'm so far behind on my posts due to lots of out of town trips this summer.  But it has been so much fun.

The first part of June I was able to spend some time with Kelly and the kids during Brody's birthday.
Kelly did such a great job with the party.  The weather has been so hot in Illinois since May but we were blessed with a beautiful day of 70 degrees which was awesome since his birthday was at a beautiful park on the lake.   WARNING.... OVERLOADED PICTURE POST.

                    The theme of his party was Cookie Monster because he is such a cookie monster.


Kelly's good friend Ashley made the cutest Cookie Monster cake.
And more important, it was delicious.

What would a cookie monster party be without cookie monster cookies.
Kelly made these delicious cookie pops and cookie monster lollipops.

Favors for the kids were boy and girl cookie monster sand pails

birthday family photo

Brody thinks Mommy did a great job on his party.

Making a wish and getting his wish
(his cookie pop)

Brody's friends (and sister)




Maggie and Miranda

Makenzie and Abby

Father and son eating pizza and their blue drinks ;-)

Friends who love to pose

His favorite birthday present
Buzz light year 4 wheeler

The kids spent the afternoon playing on the playground and fishing.

Brody sharing with his best friend Caleb

Kelly and Ashley's family together

                                                        Kelly and Sean dressing the part

Holding on tight to his balloons.

Happy 2nd Birthday Brody Bear.
We love you

At 2, Brody loves........

Mommy, Daddy and Makenzie
Dora the Explorer
Cowboy hats  (all hats to him are cowboy hats)
cookie monster
the farm
Buzz light year four wheeler

                               Remembering to be greatful for:

726.  windshield time with Gail, Jessica, Carrie and the girls
727.  Chick-fil-a peach milkshakes
728.  little girls and their dolls
729.  kids who share
730.  friends who open their houses to you when you're driving through town
731.  husbands who surprise you with homemade lemonade
732.  diversity of summer camps
733.  rain
734.  court date for Jessica and Nick in Ethiopia
735.  phone calls with old and new friends
736.  summer salads
737.  new crayons
738.  little boys who love their mommys
739.  God's grace on me
740.  Old fashioned birthday parties at parks

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