Living in the wild....

I never thought that living in Orlando could be considered living "in the wild".  After 13 years in this house it has become apparent that it's exactly where we live.  Or it seems by what's been
going on in our back yard the last two weeks.   Mike discovered a hole in our back yard right next to
our pool enclosure.  After several attempts of filling it up with dirt, bricks and tin only to have it dug up
the next day he put a "hav-a-hart-trap" next to the hole.    Let's just say we've had quite a few visitors
in the past two weeks.

Oppossum #1

Opposum #2

Raccoon #1

Cat #1

Armadillo #1

My brave husband loaded them up and drove a few miles away
to a heavily wooded area to release them.  Several of them
didn't want to leave the cage and I'm sure a few passerbys
got a laugh with the sight of a grown man trying to shake
a not-so-happy animal out of a cage and stay far enough away
from it so it didn't come toward him when it finally came out.
(which did happen to him once by the way).

FYI:  even though we didn't recognize the cat and were pretty sure it
 was a feral cat he let it go in the neighborhood just in case.

And why are you wondering do we feel the need to catch and 
release these animals far away.

One of the sweet little guys decided to put a hole in our screen.
Has this ever happened to any of you?

The last thing I want to face in the morning walking on our back patio
is a wild animal.  

                                          I'm hoping we've had (and by we I mean Mike) all
                                   the visitors we're gonna have for a while.  Just in case, he's
                                                          baited two traps in our back yard.

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