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While I'm getting use to my life as a non-worker (outside of the home) I've noticed I'm not getting as much done as I thought I would.   I'm gonna try a new approach.  For those who've been in my house before you probably think I'm a pretty organized person.   That's what you'd see in most of my house.  For some reason when it comes to my closet, dresser and pantry storage, that's just not the case.  I decided to take on my closet.  Let me warn you, it's not pretty.  Here's a little before and after.


I'm not sure why I let it get this way and I'm not proud to say that it was not the first time.
I just seem to take care of everything else first and run out of steam when it comes to my
things.  I also tend to run my life that way as I'm sure alot of women know what I mean.

I'm happy to say after 9 hours, 4  (big) bags of trash and 3 big bags for goodwill...
(imagine a drum roll)


End results:

everything is purged and organized
inventory of contents:
art supplies
gift/re-gift box
my kids school records and drawings 
(can't get rid of those even though they're all grown)
year books
sewing machine and box
baby books
my year books
my old record albums

The biggest plus out of cleaning my closet:

I found my white gold hoop that I've been looking for and may or may not have
accused one of my daughters of losing it.

I also found my (previously mentioned but not named) daughter's rare, treasured and expensive poster
that a boyfriend gave her and she has not been able to find for years.  I may or may not have
lectured her several times on being a better steward of her things.  Ummm.

Yes, there was an apology involved.


Dylan broke in our pool for this season Friday night on his sleepover.

(Loving Instagram)


In honor of Cinco de Mayo I made a special dinner


Bang Bang shrimp tacos  (copy cat version)
fresh grilled lime corn
chips and home made queso
strawberry/peach sangria
flan (publix)

I found a recipe for a copy cat version of Bone Fish Grille's Bang Bang Shrimp.
I changed it up a bit and I thought it turned out great.  It was so easy.
I also found a recipe (actually my sister Kim found it for me) 
for the strawberry peach sangria that I had to change up a bit too.
I'll post those tomorrow.  

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