Multitudes on Mondays


         Joining Ann Voskamp for her Multitude on Mondays.
                                       Hope you'll join

                  Remembering to be greatful in all things

#214   the impossible circumstances that God makes possible
#215   emails from friends
#215   a granddaughter who is finished with middle school
              (high school in just a few months. oh my)
#216   GNO this week (miss my friends)
#217   for a diagnosis that although we're  not happy to have, the knowledge in knowing
              that it was caught very early.   Praise God!
#218   time spent with grandkids this weekend
#219   little ones learning to swim

#220   seeing "Vacation Bible School" signs going up
#222   having time to work on some crafts and being happy with the results
#223  laundry washed, folded and put away
#224  the anticipation of a visit from out of town family (ie: grandkids)
#225  the laughter caused by a grandfather teaching a grandson how to sword fight
              (nerf swords of course)

What are you thankful for?

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