Happy Birthday Brody! You're ONE.

Happy Birthday Brody.

You started out so small.


                                                         But you grew very quickly.  

1 month
2 months

3 months
4 months


                                                                      Sweet smiles

Learning to sit up by yourself

Sometimes you steal your sister's thunder

But she loves you very much and is such a good big sister to you

                                                                   You love your swing.

Your first pumpkin patch

                                                       Your first family photo session

Your first Christmas

Your first trip to see the Easter Bunny

Your first pony ride.

You're Mommy's baby boy

You're Daddy's little buddy

I just love this face!

Brody is ONE!

Things Brody loves at 1.

his mommy
his daddy
his Makenzie
most any food
his bottles
cars (anything with wheels)
swimming in the pool (he loves it)
walking with push toys
board books
Aunt Carrie

  You took on your smash cake like nobody's business.

I love you big boy.

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