One little boy's dream

                      UPDATE!!! DREAMS DO COME TRUE. 
                        VANYA HAS FOUND A FAMILY. 
                             TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

Adeye  is having a "Dream Come True Giveaway" to raise money to give to a family who would want to adopt Vanya.  The information below is from her blog .  Please click on the link at the bottom to find out how you can help.

Prepare yourself, this is a tear jerker.

Vanya is 8, has been an orphan since he was young, and carries the HIV virus in his body. He is soooooooo sweet. He has suffered more rejection in his little life than I have in my 39 years on this earth. His mom was a prostitute and his dad refuses to even acknowledge his existence--chooses to leave him in an orphanage.

This little guy has one dream in his life...to have a family of his own. Each and every day he asks when it will be his turn? When will someone come for him? Why do only the little kids get adopted? Ugh, having adopted an older child, I know it is hard. Not many people are willing to take on the older children....especially those who have HIV :( Sadly most people just don't know how do-able the disease is these days with the anti-retroviral drugs. They live very healthy and normal lives. Thankfully there are ministries like Project Hopeful who are slowly but surely changing the perception people have by doing an enormous amount of educating.

Vanya is about to be transferred from his current orphanage and put into an adult facility. These places are not a place you would put your dog into. They are heinous. Most are mental institutions. Vanya will go to one of those places. The problem is that once he is moved, he can NEVER be adopted. They will put him in an undisclosed place, where he can never be found. Oh my goodness. I can't stand the thought.

The ONLY way that Vanya will be adopted is by advocating for him. Right now he is sitting on a waiting child site and no one has ever inquired about adopting him. I have started a HUGE fundraiser on my blog. We are trying to raise $20 000 to cover most of the adoption expenses a family will have. (Yes, adoption costs are insane). I have more than 100 prizes up for grabs that amazing readers of my blog have donated.

We're trusing the LORD for a family (who we know is out there--they just need to find him) AND a large grant.


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