New School Year 2014

I don't know if I'll ever get back to blogging.  At a time when
I feel like I should have lots of time, I seem busier than ever.

A little catch up is in order to remember our celebration of fall because
I'm putting up the Christmas decorations next week.
Yep, I'm one of those people.

New School Year


 Taylor becomes a senior
Makenzie is a second grader
Dylan is a  Kindergartener
Brody is in 4 year old Pre-K

Dylan began Soccer this year and ended up really learning to love it by the end of the season.

He especially liked being the Goalie.

Mikes's Birthday!

For Mike's birthday we spent the weekend at a lovely hotel (as a gift from Melissa)
and went to Animal Kingdom.
First stop for the birthday boy was Boma for breakfast.
It is located at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.
It was so yummy.
Probably rates up there as the best breakfast ever.

Their Banana Foster's bread pudding is absolutely
to die for.  

Then we spent the day at Animal Kingdom.

We had dinner night over the weekend at T-Rex.
One of Mike's favorites.

I will have to say that T-Rex has the best Salads EVER!!!  You have to try it even if its just for that
reason only.  Delicious.

Illinois trip to see my babies!

I was able to make a quick trip for several days to see Makenzie and Brody (and Kelly and Matt of course) .  We tried to cram as much Fall fun in as we could.

I got to see lots of dance practice.

Brody takes Hip Hop and loves his teacher.

Makenzie has lots of different kinds of dance classes.  The advantages of having
your Mom own the studio.

We had monster donuts and Pumpkins Pancakes for breakfast.

We went to their school pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins.

Makenzie with her good friend Abby.

Halloween Party

We had a Halloween Party with the "cousins".

We threw up some ballons and crepe paper and made a quick paint chip banner.
Thanks Home Depot.

These two boys are a mess.

And our sugar and spice girls.  

We had a princess, a pirate girl, a ninja turtle and a army man.

Makenzie and Brody decorated the cake and we made Mummy pops.

Afterwards we watched a "friendly Halloween Movie"

And of course they got to scare Daddy when he came home.

We had lots of fun.


They had a four day weekend off while I was there which was great.  They went
back to school the day I was leaving so I was able to go visit both of their classes
that morning.  Fun!!
Love their schools and they have such sweet teachers and classmates.

The last morning before I left.

Makenzie's School.  She even has her own locker.
That makes her seem so grown up already.
I'm not ready for that yet.

Her Classroom with Mommy and Brody.

Brody's School

His cubby.
He's so proud of it.

Doing his first assignment of the day.

It was such a fun little trip and I even got to see a tree here and there that 
had fall color.  I miss them already.

Bye for now but more to come.

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