Halloween Recap

 I hope everyone had a fun (ie: scary) and safe Halloween.

I only did a few things different this year and because we are in the middle
of repainting our entire house so decorations went up late or never even made it out of the box.

I'll just post a few of the new additions this year.

In case you haven't followed my blog before, I'm a bit obsessed with pumpkins.
I will always love my oranges but this year it was all about the black, white and silvery grays.
Originally all white pumpkins, I painted one black and one white/black checked.  
(MacKenzie-Childs inspired)

I think I want to add a black and white striped and another larger checked one to this little
group.  Maybe next year.

Our pumpkin head couple on the fire place.

Mike's collection of scary Halloween Jim Shore figures and his pumpkin head ghoul that he
found in the cutest shop in Savannah last year.  I'll have to find out the name.  They had
all kinds of unusual one-of-a-kind seasonal items.

I moved the Halloween wreaths to the front door even though the box says indoor use only.
I just hate to let them be hid in the house.  They're only up for a short time so I guess I'll
have to be okay if they don't last a long time because I choose to go against the box's advise.

Koby doing his job of watching the goings on around the neighborhood.

Do you see the Great Pumpkin rising out of the pumpkin patch.
Linus joined us this year to wait it out and the Great Pumpkin didn't disappoint.

My contribution to the outside.

Mike is responsible for all the rest.  He loves to do it and the trick-or-treaters (and parents)
love to see it.   The little ones don't seem to be scared by it so I go with it.

Another Halloween in the books.

And I'll leave you with my grands trick-or-treating 2014.

Dylan the Vampire

This is Nana's favorite.  Scary but still sweet.
Below would be Dylan's favorites.

Brody as Leonardo and 
Makenzie as the beautiful Elsa.

Taylor was at work on Halloween.  I tried to get her to text me a picture of
her in her work uniform so I could document Halloween 2014 for her but
somehow my text must have gotten lost in space.  (grin)

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