Winter, even in Orlando

Am I one of the only people who loves cold weather.  I really do love it.  Although it has been said that
I really don't know what I'm talking about since I live in Orlando.  Maybe that's why I have this love affair with winter.  We barely know each other.  ha!   This year has been "good" to us.  With quite a few cold days and I'm trying to soak in every single one of them.  Just because we don't have the typical winter outside here it doesn't mean I can't have it on the inside.  I've put up a few winter vignettes this year just to honor this season that I love so.  

Winter mantel


Winter dough bowl

this is my true wish 
I know what your thinking


it did snow once in Orlando in 1989
on the night before Christmas Eve
it flurried for an hour or two
enough for snowflakes to accumulate on our windshield 
letting us make miniature snowballs
what a great memory

my hope springs eternal


I'm sticking with just a few colors for my decor elements

mainly silver and white with a little aqua

mercury glass

with the exception of the wreath (and the little chalkboard above) that I made this year
 everything I used I already had on hand with either 
Christmas ornaments or my every growing mercury glass collection

don't you love to be able to "shop" your house to come up with new ideas

Mercury glass candle sticks - Bath and Bodyworks and Target
Mercury glass tea candle containers - Target and Pier One
Mercury glass pinecones and star ornaments - Crate and Barrel
Mercury glass ornaments - C Wonder
Wooden snowflakes - Michaels (spray painted white)
White branches - our yard (spray painted white)
Wooden Chalkboard - JoAnn's (spray painted with chalkboard paint)

I hope y'all are enjoying you winter season because before we know it
Spring will have sprung.

Things are looking up.  I'm on my way to spend the week
with my Illinois grandkids
The last two times I went in the winter it snowed.
Fingers crossed.


  1. Hi Deborah, I saw all your clocks and it made me think of my parents. They both loved them and gave me and my sibling a grandfather clock along with a few others over the year. I am in So Calif and don't really know cold. It's been years since I have seen snow, 2006 at Mammoth. Nice meeting you.

  2. Hi Deborah,
    I found your blog through Susan! It is very pretty here. :) I live in Michigan, but I did in Orlando back in the 1980's. Take care!