Serve and Joy

Happy New Year

the text picture I sent out to family and friends on New Years Eve
and yes, I still have my trees up

I'm not very good at keeping my New Year's Resolutions, in fact it's a major fail for
me most years.  I decided not to put alot of pressure on myself this year.

I have instead decided to go with a word (or in my case this year words because I
just couldn't choose) of the year.

Which brings me to Serve and Joy

1st word of the year:  Serve

I'm going to try to find ways to serve my husband, family, friends, neighbors,
community and especially God.  I believe myself to be a fairly nice person and try
to be helpful whenever I can.  Particularly around the major holidays but this
year I'm going to try to do at least one kindness or service everyday.  More when I can.

I'm going to make myself accountable by doing a list on Sunday from the previous week.

2nd word of the year:  Joy

I am going to find joy in all circumstances presented to me this year.  Good and bad.
Even if it's beyond my understanding, I know God has a plan for my life and I will
find joy.  

And to keep myself on track I'm going to find ways to put those two words in my path.


I found this company through facebook.  

A Charming Welcome

Such cute signs.  I'm thinking about ordering one
or possibly trying my hand at making something similar. 


I'm actually saving up for two of her beautiful boxwood door wreaths.
(why do I have a double front door)

Monograms and Bows.  Whats not to love.

Emily Jones posted a really fun list of goals to share with your friends and family.
Click the link below.  

Check her out at jonesdesigncompany.com 


My list:

1.  bad habit:  procrastination
2.  new skill:  learning to photograph in manual and begin to learn the piano
3.  a person I hope to be more like:  since I'm usually very bad with comparing my self to others,
I'm gonna say a better version of myself (and Audrey Hepburn)
4.  a good deed I'm going to do:  serve other's in my family and community well (ie: word of the year)
5.  a place I'd like to visit:  Colorado, Minnesota and Ethiopia
6.  a book I'd like to read:  bible front to back this year and actually finish
7.  a letter i'm going to write:  to my kids and grandkids telling them why they are special to me
8.  new food to try:  french food
9.  going to do better this year at:  not judging or jumping to conclusions of people and accepting them
for them.

Okay, your turn.

Happy New Year

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