The day after.....

I'm sitting here relaxing today after all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.   The run up to the season goes so fast.  Did I do enough?  Did I honor Jesus enough?   Did I show my family how much they mean to me?   I hope so.    Just a few pictures to mark the year.

                                                               Christmas Morning 2012


usually I make a big breakfast but this year it was simple because everyone
was headed to other respective families for large dinners

 so it was cinnamon rolls, bacon, juice and egg nog
easy...  :-)

Auntie and Dylan

stockings are the best

favorite gifts = happy boy

gifts from best friends

silly pictures

Ryan and his girl friend, Amber

they were over pictures but I made them pose "one more time"
(opps, should of thought to close the bathroom door)

getting ready for round two when my Illinois grands come down this weekend

I hope you all were blessed as much as I was this Christmas.

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  1. great christmas photos. i can see the love. it's hard to believe the holidays are over already. here's to a wonderful new year.