Happy Birthday Melissa

                                                                 Happy Birthday Melissa

with Christmas around the corner and several family Christmas parties
in the week to come, we decided to celebrate with a small brunch

(having a birthday so close to Christmas has a way of making this happen)

and given the early time of day I choose a light dessert 
in place of a birthday cake

cake balls and peppermint ice-cream

since she was a Christmas time baby, we've always had peppermint
ice-cream at her birthday parties

Happy Birthday to the child that made me a mother.

 you are a beautiful, smart, humorous and generous young women
you are a wonderful mother, daughter, sister and wife

you have a specialness about you that everyone has noticed
since you were born

You are a go getter in most things and even through life's trials,
you ALWAYS land on your feet

I love you 

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