Cousin Christmas

my niece jessica hosted a christmas party for the little cousins

first order of business was the gingerbread houses

jessica was sweet to plan ahead and put the little houses together
before the party to save time

the kids worked very hard and did a beautiful job

i got a few of them to pose with their finished products

our little gingerbread village

afterwards there was pizza, fruit and lots of sweets

sip ups are always the best

jessica made the cutest marshmallow snowman pops
 super yummy

the teenagers had time to catch up

after getting in their jammies we tried to get a group shot which
was pretty much impossible
  i never got one but i snagged this from Kim on facebook
at least they are "mostly" looking in the same direction

then onto the christmas movie

and of course what is becoming a tradition with the little guys

" playing army men "

our cousin party was very special this year because we've added
one to our ranks

baby eli

we missed makenzie and brody being with us  but luckily they'll be here 
at the end of the month

thanks jessica and nick for hosting the party

it was great fun 


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