Time is going by so fast this summer already.
My nieces came over for a sleepover
in May (has it already been a month).
And since it was right after Hermela's birthday
we made a little celebration.

Then it was time for a little sleepover tv marathon.

Sweetest nieces in the world.

And what's better for a sleepover marathon than American Girl movies.
    It was unanimous.  Samantha was our favorite, but
Kit and Molly were a very close second and I'm sure 
Felicity would of been if we had time to see it.
We love our American Girl movies.

Then it was on to pool time.   They're both little fish. 
(I wonder if it's cool to still call them little since there 8 and 10)

And of course, everything's a contest.  



Hair waterfalls.  :-)

Loving instagram

We also got in a little craft time.  We made journals.
They are quite the little artists.

And what's a sleepover without a little trip for ice-cream.

Thanks for all the fun Rahel and Hermela.  Aunt Debbie loves her
sleepovers with my two cuties.


  1. YOU are the best aunt!!!
    i love the pictures. they are such beautiful girls and their faces just light up with joyful smiles.
    love the hair waterfalls!

  2. Hello Deborah,

    How wonderful.

    We have Samantha at our house and my Baby girl likes to watch it.

    I love the colors of the girls suits and the ruffles. I thought you were going to have your little man there too?

    The journals look like they came out beautiful.
    I wish you had a close up of the cover.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    You are so sweet! :)

  3. ps where is that beautiful music?