The Park

 On my recent to visit the Illinois grandkids we tried to squeeze in all the fun we could for the two weeks I was there.   Leaving 90 degrees plus weather I landed in St. Louis to 55 degrees.  It was a great respite to have  50 to 70 degrees the first few days.  One of the top  things on my list to do was to visit
 the local park in town for a little picnic lunch then play.   I didn't think I'd be seeing temperatures that low for awhile and I wanted to take every avantage of it.

                                                   warning!!!  picture heavy post............

Brody is a climber.    He will climb anything he can reach.

a little reminder about park rules....  :-)

tall swirling slides are the best

so I thought I'd have a try at it

it's been quite a while since I tried to get myself down one of those slides

the smile is relief I didn't get stuck.  ha

this little peanut of mine somehow manages to play in the dirt without getting dirty

this picture was taken about a week before his second birthday
just love his baby curls

they really love each other so much

they were so excited to see this baby bird on the ground

a new pet maybe.....

when mommy explained that the baby bird was wild and couldn't come home

I guess you can see how that went over.

Makenzie wanted her Daddy to come climb the 75 foot tree to put it back
in it's nest, Mommy told her that she'd call the park ranger to take care of it.
They both worried about that baby bird for days.

Kelly lives in a small town in the lower part of Illinois.
The town sets in the middle of farmland and their 
city park was just beautiful.  Of course my first choice would
be to have them around me all the time.  But since that isn't possible,
 they have choosen a lovely place to raise their babies. 

                                              Remembering to be greatful for:

                                                            703.  curly blonde hair
                                                                704.  small towns
                                                                  705.  city parks
                                                   706.  children wanting to rescue animals
                                   707.  a few days of 60 degree weather for this Florida girl
                                                         708.  answered prayers
                                                        709.  texts with best friends
                              710.  a movie night/sleepover with our first grandchild, Taylor

         711.   blog/facebook friends who go out of their way to send urgent prayer requests
                                                          (Thank you Darlene)
                                         712.  lessons I learned from the book "Bloom"

                 Joining Ann's place for Multitudes on Mondays.

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