Art Swap Blog Hop

I've mentioned recently that I have taken two online art courses by the talented and precious teacher, Jeanne Oliver.   I know you've heard of her.  Isn't she the best.  Her sweet and encouraging manner made for rewarding, funny and informative courses and I feel very blessed to have been a part of her first class.  Thanks Jeanne.  I don't think I can do justice to the  gratitude I want to express about they way I have been transformed by your words.

Check out the two links below to find out more about the classes.  A summer Creatively Made course begins next week.   I would encourage anyone who loves to create to take this class.

Creatively Made 

Building a Creatively Made Business.

One of the best things about the classes is the support group you're connected to with the other artists who want to use the gifts that God gave them.  They are such an encouragement and wealth of information to those (like me) who are just starting out.  And that brings me to the reason for this post.

Stacey Curry (one of the members in our class) had a great idea to set up an Art Swap for  members who wanted to participate.  Most of the people participating already sell their art.  I haven't begun selling my "art" yet (and I still struggle to call it art)  but my hope is to begin soon so I decided to join in on the fun.  Thanks Stacey for all the hard work in coming up with the idea and organizing it.  You rock!

The artist that got my name was Renee Ortiz.  I feel very blessed.  She is such a talented artist and I absolutely love the piece I received.  It's an oil pastel on plastic setting on a easel.  An ORIGINAL!!!   It was inspired by a series of photographs from a trip she took there with her family seven years ago.

Her pieces will soon be available in prints, notecards and originals.  She paints teeny tiny to gigantic in most mediums.

She attended Otis/Parson in Los Angeles and Loyola Marymont.  Her plan is to get a Master's in Art Therapy one day and hopes her work glorifies God with what she paints, using the gifts he gave her.

It is beautiful and feel very fortunate that I was the one who received her art.  

One of the "gifts" that I am exploring (and working hard to learn) is photography.
And since I'm still in the learning process, I wanted to do justice
to her art so I took a picture in natural lighting and indoor flash.

I've never been to Venice and have always dreamed of going someday. 
It was perfect for me.

Below is a list of all of the artists who participated in the Art Swap Blog Hop:



  1. What a lovely painting that you received - so beautiful! Thank you so much for participating!!!