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Disney Starbucks Mugs

If you've known me any time at all you know that I'm a
big fan of both Disney and Starbucks.

So I was tickled pink when Starbucks came out with special
Disney mugs.

I feel instantly in love with the Magic Kingdom and Epcot mugs.
They happen to be my two favorite parks at Disney World.

They also have mugs for Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios however
they weren't my favorite colors or design and I'm not one to collect something
for completeness sake.   If I don't really love it, I don't get it.
Although I've noticed most people do try to go for the entire selection.

I did however, really really want the Disneyland mug.

I've never been there and I hope to rectify that in the future but there is no way to order a mug.

You have to actually purchase them in the specific park on the mug.

In comes my sweet sister Kim.  She knew someone
in California and talked her into going to Disneyland, purchasing it and
mailing it to Orlando.  That is so special and meant a lot to me.
She gifted it to me at Christmas.

And while she was at it she also gave me the special Disney Christmas mug.

I absolutely love them.

Thank you Kim and your California friend who made this little bit of Disney Magic come true.

I may have to explore whether Disney Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai have Starbucks
and what their mugs look like.  Can you ever have too many Disney Starbucks Mugs.
I would suspicion  my husband would say yes.

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  1. These are my fave mugs too! I'm drinking out of my animal kingdom one right now as read you blog :-)