Getting through Halloween

Getting through Halloween has been rough.

Ryan loved Halloween.

He was one of those "tall" teenage boys who still trick or treated.

He dressed up as an adult (even at work) when he could.

I miss him everyday but today is particularly hard.

When they were young there was no Party City or  Halloween stores.
They usually made up their own costumes with what ever 
we had at the house.

I want (really need)  to post a few of his Halloween pictures I have.

My Favorite

thanks to Aunt Gail's sewing skills

Army Man

Karate Kid
with his first carved pumpkin

Karate Kid (again)

Fifties Dude
 In this picture he is 13 and going to a family
Halloween Party with lots of younger cousins.
He didn't really want to dress up for it but I
told him he should so he put
on his leather jacket and said he would just be
a Cool Dude.

Yes Ryan, you are the coolest dude ever.

I don't believe I ever took pictures of him and his teenage friends before
they headed out.  I don't know why.  I think I thought they were too old
and was probably a bit embarrassed.
Another regret……..

I so wish I had more.
I encourage everyone to take pictures all the time of your family.
Whether they make a fuss or not.
There is no such thing as too many pictures.  

This year when you have older boys coming to your door,
remember they are just trying to hold on to a small piece of their childhood.
Boys take a little longer to grow up.

I miss you Ryan.


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