Our Precious Son

Matthew "Ryan" Mercer
{Bubba to his sisters}

January 29, 1981 - September 28, 2015

On September 28th, 2015
our precious beloved only son went to be with the lord.

My heart is forever broken.  I can't seem to find the words to speak to all
of our family, neighbors and friends.  Please know that I feel your love and appreciate 
everything you have done.   In the coming days, weeks and months
I will try to put words to my blog about my beloved baby, his precious life
and try to find some meaning to the rest of my life.

I've read the words below before but never knew the true meaning until now.

When you lose a spouse you are a widow, when you lose your parents you are an orphan.
There is no word to describe what you are when you lose a child.  That's because
your not suppose to lose your child.   You're suppose to go before them.
 There isn't a word to describe the pain in your heart when your baby dies.

I love you Ryan and I will miss you deeply until the day that I join you in Heaven.  

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