Talk about FALLing behind!

I don't know if I'm ever going to get back to blogging every week.  Life just seems to be rolling right over me.  I wanted to post my FALL decorations today because I've already got my HALLOWEEN decorations up and ready to post.  Mostly the same with a few new additions.

                                                        HAPPY FALL Y'ALL

                              WELCOME TO OUR HOME

Starting upstairs
(the grandkids tv/game/reading room)

the upstairs foyer before entering our bedroom

The family room

maybe I should of wiped off my finger prints first  :-)

some of my many pumpkins  
(I believe I have an obsession with pumpkins)

Our downstairs foyer

The Dining Room

I made the runner last year.  It's impossible to find one that fits this table.
That's a whole other story.

The Formal Living Room

The Breakfast Nook

my most precious pumpkins of all

Thanks for visiting our FALL home.

Next up are the Halloween Decorations, Mike's Birthday Party, Illinois Summer Fun,
the boys sleepover, Disney Camping, Apple Pie, Savannah trip, Virginia Family Reunion, Dylan's Birthday Party,  cheerleading, Taylor's Birthday party

Will I ever catch up?

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