Valentines (better late than never)

I'm really going with the "simplicity"theme this year in my seasonal decorating.  I added a few new ideas to a few of my old favorites and spread little touches throughout.

I made this with a heart styrofoam wreath and tule, cut in strips and tied around 
the shape.
Easy but somewhat time consuming. 
Very happy with the results.

I gave my daughters, sisters and friends some homemade sugar scrub and put into
cute little mason jars as little token of what they mean to me.

Wishing you all the blessing of love on this special day.

Remembering to be grateful in all things

911.  grandkids smiling for pictures

912.  my grandma and papaw enjoying their shared birthday in heaven today with jesus
913.  mike's new hearing aids 
(he can finally hear well after 22 years)
914.  lent
915.  trip next week to see my northern grandbabies
916.  taylor who amazes me constantly with her courage to try new things
917.  my little sister's engagement
916.  gno birthday's for two of our girls
917.  blogging friends who encourage and inspire
918.  a beautiful weekend with cold snuggling weather
919.  my sister-in-law done with her radiation treats


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