Summer Fun (continued)

 After we left the American Girl store we decided to try to get in a few quick sights before heading back to Illinois.  We drove past the St. Louis Arch and onto Union Station.

It was overcast and slightly smoggy that day but we didn't mind because he gave much needed
relief from the over 100 degree temperatures.  

Makenzie and Mom feeding fish                              Carrie and the older girls   

Jessica and her girls
(I always have a heck of a time getting Caroline to look at the camera)

Will the adults were shopping, the littles passed time scrolling through my pictures on my phone.

What beautiful sisters.

Candy shoppes.  Need I say more.

The man at the fudge shoppe was hysterical and put on a show for the crowd.
The girls really like his presentation and his present of free fudge.

I caught the girls trying to get "free money that someone had dropped".
I explained that it represented someones wishes and they quickly stopped.
The looks on their faces were so funny.

I asked my girls for a picture of the both of them before we left.  
If you knew my girls you would know how this photo perfectly fits their personalities.


Makenzie's Birthday Party

What better place to have a princess party than a her mom's pink ballet studio.

Kelly put rhinestones on the "silverware".

such a sweet group of girls

these two were such a big help


The princess bouncy house

Musical Rings

Had the camera on the wrong setting so it's blurred but the reaction of the girls when they were out was priceless.

The agony of defeat.
No tears though!

Coloring Princess pages

Hair styling and nail painting.
This was a favorite.


Games and dancing

Time for cake

Cute princess favor boxes with princess rings and princess lip balms

All the girls gave such sweet and thoughtful gifts.

The Princess group shot
(minus Meron)

The pose they wanted to do.

I took hundreds of shot so it was hard pinning it down to a few.
I'll do a birthday post just for her later. 

Kelly did a great job.  Her studio is the perfect place for little girl parties.

I feel so blessed to be able to spend this special time with my family.
Thanks honey for "sponsoring" my trip.  

Tomorrow is the last leg of our trip.

The Farm


Remembering to be grateful in all things:

769.  a good nights sleep
770.  Jessica holding her new son in Ethiopia
771.  a little boy and his Poppy

772.  kids at stores getting school supplies being excited about school
773.  my parents returning home safely from a road trip
774.   the inventor of the DVR
775.  Koby
776.  phone calls with my brother
777.  sweet older cousins who help the little ones without being asked
778.  my hard working son who never complains

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