Here I go.....

I'm having a bit of a "brain freeze" when it comes to blogging lately.  I just can't seem to get it together.  Lots happening and getting ready for what appears to be a busy summer.     Before I forget I wanted to share some fun we've been having around here lately.  


I got my birthday gift (money from my parents  and Mike).  Love, Love, Love it.  I know many of you have seen Tara's  Family Rules signs.   I've been wanting one for quite a while.   Well I finally got it and I am so happy with it.

                                                          (wow, obviously I hung it a little off)

I put it above the couch in our upstairs grandkids play/tv room.  I love it so much that I'm contemplating  which one to get next.   Right now I'm leaning towards the "You are my sunshine".   You really need to check out her beautiful work here.   Thanks Tara.  LOVE IT!!!


I've been working on a few creations of my own.  I've mentioned before that I recently took two online
courses from Jeanne Griffen Oliver.  Creatively Made and Building a Creatively Made Business.  I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed and learned from these classes.  Jeanne is such a sweet and gifted person who shares all she has learned about building her business.   Her belief is that God has given everyone gifts and you just need to find out what yours are and make the most of them.  She's offering a Summer Art Course.  

Some things I've been working on:

This piece is inspired by Laura of Pitter Patter Art and her use of word and colorful papers 
and Ashley of lil blue boo with her "choose joy" attitude towards her fight with cancer.
There are some amazing bloggers who give me great inspiration in art and life.
Both amazing artists and inspirational women.  Definitely two blogs to check out 
(if you haven't already) 

Coasters I made for my mom from a Pinterest Pin.  What I ever did before Pinterest came
along I don't remember.  I'm just totally smitten with it.

Two pieces I'm currently working on:

I found this sweet ballerina image on a free clip art site.  
I decided to see if I could "triplicate it".
 I'm making it for Kelly's ballet studio that's she's opening in June.      
Still working on it and I plan to frame it in white.  
My nieces' saw it and have put in a reqeust  their room so I think I'll be making another one.  I'm
pretty happy with it so far but I think it's missing something.  Anyone have any ideas?

This is the other piece I'm working on.

I have a thing for trees.   They make my heart skip.  Is that weird?  I've started this
but it's a work in progress.  So far I'm liking it.


 Mike has gotten into the creating act and made me a dish soap liquid despenser
in my favorite canning jar.  It turned out great.  I filled it with lavendar scented dish
soap and it really made it over the top for me.  Thanks Babe.

I posted recently about a beautiful gift Melissa got for my birthday.  A cake platter and matching candle
holder.  It came in gray and was beautiful but I decided (with Melissa's permission) to make it white.  Since I like to entertain and throw parties, I've been trying to go with white serving pieces that can
basically go with most any color theme I'm going with.  No one can handle a spray paint container like Mike so I put him to work.  Just loving the way it turned out and I'm already planning a party so I can use them.  ;-).

I'd better come to a close for now. 
 I've got trips to plan, art to make, a business to start,
grandkids to hug,  afternoons at the beach to spend with Mike,
swim lessons to teach, books to read, new recipes to try, more closets to purge,
parties to plan, dinners to freeze, an herb garden to plant and blogs to read.  
Here I go.......


Remembering to be greatful in all things

681.  visiting with my mom three times this week. :-)
682.  spending two days and nights watching Taylor and Dylan.  So happy!
683.  Makenzie's phone call telling me she misses me "so much".  I'll be there in a week baby girl.
684.  two nieces spending the night on Friday.
685.  American girl movie marathon.
686.  a delicious dinner out with my sweetie.
687.  two daughters who are giving up cigarettes.
688.  my husband who courageously catches critters in our yard with a "have a heart" cage
and then drives them to a wooded area far away to release them.
689.  steak n shake orange freezes.
690.  God's grace.

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  1. I'm coming to your blog from Lil Blue Boo. I just wanted to say that you make such lovely things!

  2. jeanne is such a sweetheart! your art turned out beautifully. i still have to go through the business class she offered. i'm sure it's amazing.